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BestBidz Electronic Plans Room (BestBidz EPR) access


Projects Information (Projects List & Tender Results List):  These two lists - Projects List (twice a week) with lists of likely bidders and Tenders Results List (twice a month) with low bidder information - are available to our basic members who subscribe to this additional service.


BestBidz Electronic Plans Room (BestBidz EPR)

An electronic plans room service provides around-the-clock online access to electronic construction project drawings, specifications and addenda. A BestBidz EPR membership provides the following advantages:

Convenient - 24/7 online access to electronic drawings, specs and addendum

Economical - Spend less time traveling to view e-documents. Plus, you only pay for the documents you need

Efficient - Last minute addenda are processed twice daily

Kept Informed - Receives the bi-weekly Projects List and the bi-monthly Tenders Results List through email.

Simple & Easy to use - This program is user friendly. View documents within minutes of obtaining your member information. Access Canada's largest plans room with one click.


BestBidz EPR FAQ's

Cost: TCA's BestBidz Electronic Plans Room (BestBidz EPR) is an annual service offering unlimited access to project opportunities throughout the year.  Please note printing charges do apply for printing requests.  Please contact plans room staff for more information and pricing.

No hidden fees:  For accessing projects posted by TCA, our BestBidz EPR service will never cost you more than your annual service fees!  Other electronic-plans-room providers who charge both annual and monthly fees often don't include all of their fees upfront (hidden fees) - this often results in additional fees for access to certain projects.   Furthermore, with no guarantee that a project is actually relevent to your line of business (and no option to preview), you may end up purchasing quite a number of irrelevant projects from these other providers.    

Bidders List & Tender Results List:  Projects List with lists of likely bidders and Tenders Results List with low bidder information are available to members.

Relevance:  Other electronic-plans-room providers do not tailor content - we do that with our "Request Project Posting" feature!  If there’s a project missing that you’re interested in, you can request it by contacting Klaire Flores at or at 416-499-4000 ext. 4109. (Certain conditions may apply.)

Abundance:  We handled annually over 2000 projects with 678 corporate users and 4,680 individual users. Since 2000, TCA's Physical Plan Room and BestBidz EPR has handled over 18,000 projects in total.

Efficiency:  Our BestBidz EPR service is all about quality control!  Before any project is uploaded onto our BestBidz EPR platform:

  • Specifications are divided in accordance with the Master Format
  • Drawings are sorted by type and listed with helpful descriptions 
  • All files are uploaded in PDF and TIFF formats

Our tender documents are always presented in a consistent format offering a user-friendly experience to our members.

Searches:   As a BestBidz EPR member, you are able to use a "keyword" search tool that allows you to search through all projects to find your specified trade.   As an example, if you are in the flooring business and run a search with the word "flooring," the return result will be all projects that have flooring specified.   Similarly you can run a keyword search within the specs of a project.  For example you can search inside Division 9 for "epoxy." 

Technical Requirement:   Windows XP or newer and Internet Explorer 7 or a more recent upgrade. In order to view the documents online.  Disk space will be based upon 1 MB (roughly) on each downloaded drawing.

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To Issuing Authorities:
To email project information including plans and specifications to the Plans Room supervisor, please contact  Klaire Flores at

Please email all addenda to Teresita Barcena at and/or