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What is the "Construction Book"?

TCA's "Construction Book" (membership directory and industry's buyers guide) is an indispensable reference to the construction industry. It includes a complete TCA membership roster, key industry players like architects, consulting engineers and important decision-making buyers like developers, property managers etc. The "Construction Book" provides corporate and small business members with a tool to connect with other members.

With 4,700 copies distributed and published on the internet (e-classified listing with website & email linkages), the "Construction Book" becomes a low cost, high-visibility marketing tool profiling the products and services of TCA members. "Members Supporting Members".


Distribution List of the 4700 copies:

  • Architects / Consulting Engineers
  • Interior Designers / Property Managers
  • Developers / Owners / Condo. Developers
  • Manufacturers/Suppliers/Services
  • General/Trade Contractors
  • Tenders Issuing Authorities
  • Direct Buyers and Decision Makers in the government levels

Of the Greater Toronto Area and its vicinity.


"At Dominion Caulking Limited, we support fellow TCA members by using the classified listing section of "The Construction Book - the Toronto Construction Association's annual Industry Buyers Guide and Membership Directory." Our estimators wouldn't be without it."

  • Scott Byberg (President) of Dominion Caulking Limited

Submission deadline:

March 1st every year.

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