TCA basic members are automatically integrated members of the Canadian Construction Association(CCA) and the Council of Ontario Construction Association (COCA) which speaks to the federal and provincial government on important issues effecting the construction industry.


CCA - Canadian Construction Association

The Canadian Construction Association is the voice of Canada's largest industry. Representing interests of the non-residential sector of an industry that employs close to 1 million Canadian men and women, and that produces $123 billion in goods and services, CCA is uniquely positioned to speak to the federal government on a wide range of issues.

On their website, you will find information on CCA, its issues, its publications, its services, its members, and the construction industry in general.


COCA - Council of Ontario Construction Associations

The mission of COCA is to contribute to the long-term growth and profitability of the construction industry in Ontario and to speak with a unified voice to government, the industry and the public. This is to be realized through activity in 4 major areas:

  • Creation of a more favourable legislative and regulatory environment for construction companies.
  • Creation of a new identity and a more positive industry image.
  • Ensuring an adequate supply of skilled and dedicated people to work in the industry.
  • Supporting management in leading planned change.


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