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Item DescriptionPriceMember PriceQTY
BAGSWhite Plastic Bags (200 per box)$3.00$1.50
B/G 2019/20Construction Book (Membership Directory & Buyers Guide)$137.00$65.00
CCA 1 - 2008Stipulated Price Contract (2008)(sub-contractor)$91.00$70.00
CCA 16 1992Guidelines for Determining Cost Associated with Performing Changes in the work$31.20$24.00
CCA 19-2011Stipulated Price Sub-Subcontract, Standard cotract form between subcontractor & sub-subcontrctor where payment is based on a stipulated or fixed price.$91.00$70.00
CCA 19-2011Stipulated Price Sub-Subcontract (seal only)$14.30$11.00
CCA 25Guide to Project Management$33.80$26.00
CCA 26 2017Guide to Construction Management$33.80$26.00
CCA 27 1997A Guide on Construction Environmental Mgt. Planning$33.80$26.00
CCA 28 -1996A guide to improving cash flow in the construction industry$33.80$26.00
Found 66 results Page 1 of 7